Dawud Islam’s Elite Tigers Group

Dawud Islam has built a network of very responsive advertising sites in less than 1.5 years. It has a total of 14 sites with ~7000 members combined.

Most of his sites are Ad Exchanges, 3 are Downline Builders and 1 Adboard that does not accept Solo Ads.

These sites are my Top lead sources thanks to the active members and a lot of free Promo Codes Dawud is giving out.

Promo Code: welcome works on all sites for banners, text ads and ad credits.

Available Extra Promo Codes are listed behind site name, depending of site these give up to 3 Solos plus banners and ad credits.

Really huge amount of Christmas Promo Codes ( A total of over 2 Million Credits, solos, banners, text ads, all codes still valid): Click this link to access!

A whole list of Elite Tigers Group sites:

AdTrafficSite.com EliteTigers1
DownlineElite.com EliteTigers1
AdListProfits.com Elitetiger1
ConvertAdsPro.com EliteTigers1
AdExchangeClub.com Elitetiger1
AdExchangeElite.com Elitetiger1
MembershipTraffic.com EliteTigers1 and EliteMembers1

Super Solos to whole network are available for upgraded members of following 2 sites:

ProAdExchangeClub EliteTigers1 and Elite1
VIPTrafficExchange.com EliteTigers1