Matthew Graves’s Your Viral Network

A great set of 16 mailers with custom built script plus 1 Super Solo site. Over 45,000 members combined. All mailers are active and responsive and have very fresh memberships – the first site launched in 2016.

Greatest Feature: You can send email 10x a Month to all 45,000 Members for FREE with one click just by: 1) Earning Free Upgrade and 2) Linking all 16 sites to 1 site

If you you have joined already 20, 50 or even 100+ other mailers and safelists and have missed Your Viral Network (YVN) mailers, then here’s a list of all 16 mailers. Join every mailer you are not a member of yet: Newly launched 2700+ members 2600+ members 3600+ members 5000+ members 3200+ members 2900+ members 3300+ members 2500+ members 4800+ members 2400+ members 2800+ members 3400+ members 2300+ members 3300+ members 2000+ members

Super Solo to All 16 sites: $18 per 10 solos. Solo ad queue is 2-3 weeks due to low price and high demand. Solos average 700 clicks per mailing

Some Features of  YVN mailers and Tips to use them:

  • Free member can send every 3 days using credits
  • Premium members receive 1000 credits each day and can mail daily
  • Affordable upgrades: $18 quarterly on each mailer
  • You can add referrals to your own autoresponder
  • Earn Free Quarterly Upgrade passing up 5 referrals
  • Linking feature: Can send to all 16 mailers from 1 mailer (huge time-saver)

Best Feature: Earning Free Upgrade

Instead of paying a total of $288 quarterly on all 16 sites you can earn quarterly Premium Membership by referring other members and passing up 5 personal referrals.

You can do it by:

  • Promoting 1 site at a time. Matthew is often running special promotions thus making getting referrals much easier.
  • Creating a list of all 16 Mailers. Best choice if you have your own blog where you can also describe benefits of joining these mailers.

Best converting sites for a particular YVN mailer are listed in member’s area. Getting 5 referrals and earning Free Premium Upgrade can be a matter of 1-2 days strong ad campaign and it will give you massive free advertising for next 90 days.

Linking Feature (“Speedmailer”)

Each YVN mailer has the feature to link all 16 sites and send the same email to all sites with 1 click, as long as you have enough of credits at each site.

Being Premium on all sites you receive 1000 mailing credits each day on each mailer and that accumulates to a total of 480,000 credits/month.

This equals to on average 10 mailings to the whole YVN membership of 45,000+ with about 700+ clicks per 1 mailing

This is like having your own alternate Super Solos with no waiting queue and if you have earned Free Upgrade on all sites, these “Super Solos” are Free.

Just on smaller sites you can send more mailings, on larger sites less.


Email Marketing Masters has ~2000 members

You accumulate 1000 credits daily and can email every 2 days to whole membership

WebBizInsider has ~5000 members

You accumulate 1000 credits daily and can email every 5 days to whole membership

Linking all sites is a 10-15 minute work:

You need to have your Member ID and password for each site

Then log in to a particular YVN mailer you want to use for linking all other sites to your account and select from left menu:

Follow easy guidelines and after you have finished, you are ready to send your email to all 16 mailers.

This process is following: You start just like sending a regular email from 1 site. After the frame breaker test you see the list of all your linked saites along with mailing credits. Then you have the option to clone the email to your selected sites.

matthew graves your viral network

If you have Premium membership on all 16 sites then you can use this “Speedmailer” every 2-3 days because 1000 mailing credits are added each day on each site and most of sites have 2-3K members.

This is a powerful marketing weapon for every marketer, but just because YVN is quite newly relaunched, all marketers are not yet aware of it’s all features.