Promo Codes

On this page you can find Promo Codes at 12 sites for a total of 70+ Solo Ads, not to mention banners, text ads and ad credits.

I have personally used/tested all of these sites, these deliver quality and responsive advertising – very good for a strong advertising campaign for your business.

  • Promo Codes: Welcome2 for 1 Solo, 50KBonus for 50,000 credits.
  • Join admin newsletter inside to get additional 5 solos
  • Earn FREE Pro membership to get extra ad pack + 1 Solo
  • Solo Ads here get close to 300 visits

  • A part of Dawud Islam’s Elite Tigers Group of 14 sites with a total of 7000 members, my Top source of leads and free advertising
  • Upgraded Members Get FREE Daily Solo Ads at all Dawud’s 14 Sites
  • Promo Codes: EliteTigers1 for 3 Solos and 75K credits, welcome for 5 banners and 5 text ads and 25K credits
  • Join ALL 14 Dawud Islam’s sites in downline builder and get bonus advertising on each site with Promo Code welcome.
  • Receive free Promo Code for 1000 credits each day, valid on all 14 sites
  • Extra Bonus: Get over 2 Million ad credits, many banners and text ads plus Free Solos on 12 Dawud’s sites from this Special Promo Code page

Promo Codes: GetZombiefied, Thirsty, MoreSolos, Featured, 100zombies, 50kgiveaway for a total of 10 Solos and other free ads. New codes:

NewYearSolos – Free solo

ZombieSilver – Free Silver membership

Promo Codes: welcome2.0uam_50000 and 4_bagger to get 8 Solos, 5 banners, 5 text ads and 50k credits

Promo Codes: vcwelcome and LoveViralExposure to get 1 Solo, 10 banners and 10 text ads

Promo Codes: welcomevtt and HotViralTaco to get a total of 2 Solos, 10 banner ads and 10 text ads

Promo Codes: welcome, thanksdave, newlaunch to get a total of 12 Solos, 17 banners and 17 text ads. Extra Promo Code to get Solos: AB1Yuey9HlT

Promo Codes: welcome and AB1S5mInyUv for 10 Solos, 5 banners and 5 text ads

Promo Codes: welcome, JB-TY, TY4Help, GoDads! and HAPPY4th! to get a total of 8 Solos, 4 text ads and 4 banners

Promo Codes: welcome and BMA31 to get a total of 3 Solos, 10 banners and 10 text ads

  • Promo Code: GreatBigWelcome to get 5 banners and 5 text ads
  • New Code: peace
  • Very responsive Solos here: Earn credits to buy a Solo clicking just 40 Solos

Promo Codes: welcome and FREESOLO